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Mike Parve

My love for fishing started when I was a young boy fishing for whatever would bite on the Paint River in Upper Michigan with my dad and grandfather. The tournament bug hit me 10 years ago when I saw a flyer for the Wal-Mart BFL's and I signed up for my first tourney as a co-angler. In my first ten minutes of fishing I had my first keeper and have been hooked ever since. Currently I fish the BFL Great Lakes division and US Anglers Choice SE Wisconsin Division as well as some TBF club events and other local opens.

Career Highlights:

  • 1st Win came as a Co-Angler @ 2005 BFL on the Mississippi River.
  • 2nd Win came as a Co-Angler @ 2006 BFL on Winnebago system.
  • 3rd Win came @ River County Bassmasters Open Tournament.
  • 4th Win came in 2010 @ USAC event on Pewaukee Lake.
  • Team of Year during the 2010 US Anglers Choice SE Wisconsin Division.
  • 3 time TBF Mr. Bass Wisconsin Qualifier.
  • 7 time BFL Regional Qualifier.

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