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Customer Photos

Cody Smith caught this 14.28Lbs Monster and qualified for the Sharelunker program here in Texas!!!  He would not give up the big fish secret combination; all I know is there was a Wave Bait on the jig he used!!
John Caught this 6Lbs 10 Ounce 24" Long Pig on a 5" Green Pumpkin Tiki-Stick!
Jeremy Caught this 10 pounder on a 4" Watermelon Red Flake Platypus!
Chad Caught this 12Lb monster on a 5" bruised Orange Swirl Tiki-Stick.  Nice Fish!!!
Travis Caught this Bass on a 5" Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Tip Tiki-Stick!!
These bad boys were caught on our 3" Stinger Craws!!
Dave caught this 3Lb 12Oz Michigan large mouth on the 5" Green Pumpkin Tiki-Stick!
Chris caught this 14Lb 2Oz pig on a 5" Red Bug Chartreuse Tip Tiki Stick!!