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5" Tiki-Snake - Watermelon Black Flake
Part Number SN011
5" Tiki-Snake - Watermelon Black Flake
5' Tiki-Snake - Watermelon Black Flake
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The vibrant colored Tiki-Snake with its uniquely designed tail shimmies, shakes and drives fish crazy! The tail remains vertival when the Tiki_Snake is motionless and with the slightest twitch of the rod comes to life.
Feature: 7 Per Bag
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  I got these for reeling across the top of the water like a frog. They are awesome for that, but you can also texas rig them, pitch them, and when the head gets torn up, cut it off and now you have a swim jig trailer. Nice!
  Reviewed by:  Jason Reid from New Jersey. on 5/28/2017
Teacher/Coach at local high school
  I love these things and the bass do too!! I have my own private pond and the fish tear them up every time I throw them. I wanted to experiment to see if it was just my pond where they liked the snakes, but after 3 trips to other public locations in my area, they still have not let me down. I can't find these in stores anywhere so I just ordered 6 more packs. I catch an average of 8 to 10 fish per bait, so they are decently tough as well. Nothing else I've tried that is similar has produced the fish that these things have. Two of the packs I ordered were the wrong color, but they still work so it doesn't really matter!!
  Reviewed by:  Jay Bergeron from Sulphur, LA. on 7/14/2016
tiki smake
  I like it as a trailer for a chatter bait or a swim jig or scrounger head. For this it is outstanding. Doesn't quit make enough noise if just run on top of the water.
  Reviewed by:  william myers from central florida. on 2/27/2015
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