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5" Bamboo Stick - Laminated Smoke Shad
Part Number BS096
5" Bamboo Stick - Laminated Smoke Shad
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The 5" Tiki-Bamboo Stick has a thick body with a fast taper. The added weight was built into the design to increase fall rates and for easy throwing in the winds. MOLOPO.
Feature: 7 Per Bag
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  Was on Lake Seminole last weekend and tried out this bait. I was using a lizard and went with a weightless Smoke Shad in the lily pads. I would toss it out and let it sink about two feet and jerk it a bit and upon the second fall is usually when the smoked it. It was a good day.
  Reviewed by:  Randol Stone from Lake Seminole. on 8/31/2017
Great Bait for Redfish
  This is a great bait. I use them in shallow flats fishing for redfish. I rig them with a 5/0 weightless hook. They work especially good when sight casting, give them a couple twitches and redfish crush em, and they have a good weight to them allowing for long casts. Just a great bait, I always have one tied on one of my rods!
  Reviewed by:  Corey Survant from Texas. on 9/5/2016
Big Bass Love Them!
  In the last year have caught a 4Lb, two 5Lb and a 7 Lb bass. Great color!! The only thing wrong is the price is a little high!
  Reviewed by:  jason house from Columbia Mo. on 8/17/2013
A Proven Winner
  This one is a proven winner for Irish bass. Works well at night also.
  Reviewed by:  David Norman from Ireland. on 8/14/2010
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