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4" Tiki-Stick - Green Pumpkin
Part Number BT012
4" Tiki-Stick - Green Pumpkin
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Vibrant colors and healthy doses of MOLOPO make the 4" Tiki-Stick one of the top selling baits. Without question, the Tiki-Stick is on the deadliest soft plastic baits available, and they are known to catch huge fish.
Feature: 10 Per Bag
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  this small worm does the job...I use it like a ned rig and lots of bass from 20 to 16 inches super tough as well got 5 or 6 on one bait...only wish I could find the christmas tree 4 inch
  Reviewed by:  Bernie Navarra from central florida. on 8/19/2019
  LOVE these, It will out fish the 5" By 3-1 catches all sizes which is super fun with Ultra Lite equip. Since they are not always available I just ordered 100 pks. ( I give away way to many )
  Reviewed by:  Mike Hasler from Lake Medina, TX. on 7/15/2019
Farm pond bass slayer!
  I have been a huge fan of these for a number of years! I love to rig these a variety of ways but weightless never fails!!! I have never found another bait that has been as effective as consistent as these!!! The only drawback is trying to find them now, but glad to see I can order online the baby bass color has definitely been our go to! Would love to see that color come back
  Reviewed by:  Nick Shuey from Iowa . on 4/29/2018
The Stick Got Stick
  I've been fishing this bait for a number of years. It's my go to soft plastic bait. I fish it with a 2/0 wide gap and a 3/16 writhe most of the time. You do your part and Tiki will do its part to put fish in the boat. Highly recommend.
  Reviewed by:  Barry Hale from Fort Worth. on 12/18/2017
Fish Hunter
  I have been fishing these for years, great quality, love the slimmer look and action created in the water. Best of all it catches fish!!!
  Reviewed by:  Dean Carlisle from Tulsa. on 7/31/2017
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